Medical technology meets metaverse,
Metaverse-based medical industry opens a new horizon.
Information network without fear of personal information breach
Accurate virtual healthcare through metaverse device
Strongly motivated Institutions to take part
Immediate economic benefits for health service users


As hundreds of millions of people were being quarantined at the peak of the pandemic,
there were many cases in which people could have been saved if only simple medical examination
and treatment were available. Based on metaverse technology, accurate virtual healthcare is provided
and medical information is processed without information breach.

BlockMED aims to innovate the healthcare industry with a new concept of metaverse medical
ecosystem, and guarantees the life and economic benefits of medical service users.

BlockMED Blockchain Systems

Securing medical information is paramount. We build a 100% safe medical information
processing system with the irreversible and non-hackable blockchain ERC20-based technology.
By one-stop medical administrative services through virtual healthcare, storing medical information, storing without hacking,
and real-time information sharing between insurance companies and national medical institutions are now possible.
Through accurate and efficient telemedicine, the mortality rate of emergency patients will be reduced Virtual healthcare
equipment and software providers create new profits Accurate medical expenses and insurance payments,
and as a result, it returns to the benefit of the medical services users.


Significant economic and
administrative benefits


Metaverse telemedicine

accurate treatment within the golden time saves the lives of emergency patients. We give immediate prescriptions through telemedicine regardless of place and time


Healthcare service provider

Using Metaverse for treatment will open up new markets for AR/VR equipment, technology, and software, creating entirely new revenue streams.


Healthcare service users

Safe treatment, one-stop payment of medical expenses and insurance, and you will also protect your life and earn profits

BlockMed, revolution of industry

BlockMED Coin

The key to vitalizing virtual healthcare is information processing technology. We provide necessary equipment, technology, and software development funds, and establish a legal system through legal consulting for strict medical regulations.

Coin name : BlockMED
Protocol : ERC20
Symbol : BLMD
Total supply : 250,000,000
  • Token Sale 20%
  • Legal Advisory 10%
  • Participant Reward 10%
  • Environmental Pollution
    Prevention Cost 20%
  • Incentive Rewards 20%
  • Team 10%
  • PF 10%
  • Total : 100% / 250,000.000

BlockMED Roadmap

2021 Q3

model confirmed

2021 Q4

Business whitepaper

2022 Q1

Blockchain wallet

2022 Q2

Listed on
international exchanges

2022 Q3

Ecosystem activation
fun completed

2022 Q4

features developed

2023 Q1

Expansion of listing
on top global exchanges

2023 Q2

BlockMED platform Phase2 Improvement (new feature)

2023 Q3

Participating virtual
healthcare conference

2023 Q4

More BlockMED virtual healthcare services added